Weed’s Great – Hot Topics in Cannabis World | Full Episode

Dive into the intriguing world of cannabis with “Weed’s Great.” Join host JB as we explore some of the most compelling stories and developments in the cannabis industry.

🌿 In This Episode:

  • Ohio’s Cannabis Laws: Unpacking the latest twists and turns in Ohio’s approach to cannabis legislation. What does this mean for the future of legalization?
  • Cannabis and Empathy: A groundbreaking study suggests cannabis users might have heightened empathy. We delve into what this means for societal perceptions of cannabis users.
  • Leafly’s Strain of the Year: Discover why Permanent Marker has been crowned the Strain of the Year and what makes it so special.
  • Cannabis Lounges in Detroit: A look into the emerging trend of cannabis lounges and what Detroit’s moves in this space could signal for the rest of the country.
  • THCinema Recommendations: What should you watch while enjoying cannabis? This week, we recommend checking out “Leo” on Netflix for a heartwarming and humorous experience.

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