SFV OG: The Ultimate Hybrid for Creativity and Outdoor Adventures

Welcome to our “Strain of the Week” feature, where we delve into some of the most intriguing and sought-after cannabis strains. This week, we’re exploring SFV OG, a sativa-dominant hybrid renowned for its distinctive aroma and versatile effects. Whether you’re gearing up for a creative project or planning an outdoor excursion, SFV OG is a […]

Ice Cream Cake Strain: The Serene Indulgence for Your Evenings

In the ever-expanding universe of cannabis strains, there’s one that rises above as a beacon of tranquility and aromatic delight: the Ice Cream Cake Strain. This indica-dominant variety is a luxurious blend that promises to transform your quiet evenings into a serene experience. The Essentials of Ice Cream Cake Strain The Ice Cream Cake Strain […]

New Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Marijuana Legalization

Hey everyone, I came across some exciting news that shows just how far we’ve come in the fight to legalize marijuana. According to a new poll by Fox News, nearly seven in ten voters support legalizing cannabis. That’s 69% of registered voters who are ready to end prohibition altogether. This isn’t just one side of […]

Cannabis Stock Market Update: June 2024

Hey everyone, It’s time to dive into the latest happenings in the cannabis stock market. If you’re looking to invest or just curious about how things are shaping up, here are some key updates and trends. Cronos Group (CRON) Cronos Group is making waves with steady performance and impressive potential for growth. This company isn’t […]

Debunking the Lazy Stoner Myth: Cannabis Users Stay Active and Fit

Flipping the script on the ‘lazy stoner’ myth! 🌿💪 Did you know that cannabis users are just as active, if not more, than non-users? Studies show they’re hitting the hiking trails, rolling out yoga mats, and even lifting weights. Time to break down those stigmas and embrace the positive side of cannabis! Stay fit, stay […]

Pineapple Express Strain: The Energetic Hybrid for Your Daily Grind

If you’re on the hunt for a cannabis strain that packs both a flavorful punch and an energetic kick, look no further than the Pineapple Express Strain. This sativa-dominant hybrid has garnered fame not just in the cannabis community but in popular culture, thanks to its eponymous movie. But beyond the silver screen, Pineapple Express […]

Bill Walton: The Legendary Advocate for Cannabis

When you think of Bill Walton, what comes to mind? Towering on the basketball court, dominating as one of the greatest centers in NBA history, or perhaps his colorful commentary that brought games to life? But beyond the hardwood, Bill Walton made significant waves as an outspoken advocate for cannabis. A Journey Beyond the Court […]

Does Legalizing Cannabis Increase Crime?

One of the biggest myths from the anti-cannabis crowd is that legalizing weed will increase crime. Do these claims hold water? Let’s dive into the facts and see what the data says! 📉 Property crimes down in Colorado. 💥 Violent crimes down in Washington. 💬 Less crime in non-legal states bordering Colorado. Studies from the […]

Zookies: The Strain That Brings the Party to Your Brain

Hey there, fellow cannabis connoisseurs! This week’s strain spotlight is on something that’s as fun to say as it is to smoke—Zookies. If you’re into flavors that are both sweet and strong, and you need a little kick to get you through your day or night, then buckle up because Zookies is here to take […]

Minnesota Expunges Nearly 58K Records Just Nine Months After Legalization

Minnesota is making significant strides in cannabis reform by expunging nearly 58,000 low-level cannabis convictions. Just nine months after legalizing recreational cannabis, the state has cleared these records from public view, providing a fresh start for thousands of residents. It’s like hitting the ultimate reset button—goodbye, past mistakes; hello, second chances! The Minnesota Department of […]